They Say I’m a Travel Expert…

I’m pleased to be included in Travel Awaits’ Travel Experts Reveal Their Favorite U.S. National Parks article. In this parks roundup, I talk-up Yosemite, a place I’ve visited many times over the years, in fact, as recently as August 2019.

Libations anyone?

Yes, I have become one of those people, … … you know, the type that photographs everything they eat and drink; but I have a good excuse, “it’s my job.” Being a freelance travel journalist and photographer is the best gig ever. It may not pay so well, but the perks are delightful. Enjoy these “my…

California Land Cruise

Grand American Adventures leads tours of authentic travel, shared experiences, and real adventure.

Wine Country – Napa Alternatives

Captain Jetson is the one-stop hub for aviation, travel, and flying news. The website and newsletter are expanding to include destination and general travel content.

30 Days in Malta: Chapter 5

Malta has no rivers, lakes, or reservoirs. Water comes from the ocean, rain, or limited groundwater. Most potable water is desalinated sea water.

England Story #20 Published

It’s been almost a year since I went to England for 30-days in 2018. I’ve been lucky enough to have 20 articles published about my adventures.

30 Days in Malta: Chapter 4

Gozo is small, 26-square miles. I’m doing a 7-day walking tour this Mediterranean paradise in The Republic of Malta.

30-Days in Malta—Chapter 3

The Maltese are great cooks and renowned chefs. In the center of the Mediterranean, the best ingredients in the world are at Malta’s doorstep. Seafood from the Mediterranean Sea, fruit, veg and spices from Morocco, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, and the Middle East.

London Steam Train Expeditions

Steam train service will offer vintage train journeys from London’s Waterloo Station to Windsor. While aboard indulge in a champagne brunch in elegant Pullman Style Dining carriages.

30-Days in Malta – Chapter 2

The Maltese Islands are known for their celebrations. There are numerous festivals throughout the year. Feast days, harvest festivals fireworks festivals, music festivals, art festivals, village festas, regattas, and many more.

Road Trip ~ San Simeon

On California’s Central Coast, the micro-town of San Simeon is the former home of publishing giant William Randolph Hearst; a marine sanctuary; Coastal Discovery Center, and the wild Pacific.

30-Days in Malta

  It’s official. I’m going to Malta six months from now. The Republic of Malta is an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea south of Sicily. That alone would make it splendid to visit. For me, the significant attraction is location, location, location. Malta is 50-miles south of Italy, 176-miles east of Tunisia, and 207-miles north…

Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad

Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad. Depart from the tiny yellow Garibaldi station. A ride behind a historic steam engine along Oregon’s Tillamook coast.

Returning to the String…

In March 2019, I will return as a regular contributor to the Fort Bragg-Mendocino Coast Packet and to the Independent Coast Observer. These Mendocino Coast newspapers, cover MendoNoma from Westport to Jenner.

Thank you, we made it!

“We published hundreds of stories….from all over…and your story rose to the top of the heap!”
–Max Hartshorne, Editor, GoNOMAD

Top-10 Stories of 2018

I’ve traveled like a mad woman. I spent 30-days in England and 17-days in Central Coastal California. I’ve made short getaways to San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Gualala, Point Arena, and Bodega.

Top-12 Photos of 2018

I took 7000 photos of England in August. Central Coastal California yielded 2000 in October. The rest of the year my hometown and region probably added another 2k.

Welcome to MendoLand…

California is falling into the ocean and has been, for thousands of years. There is a remote and wild place where you can see every stage of the geologic process happening. It’s an area so dynamic, yet so fragile; it’s protected in perpetuity as a national monument.


The Travel 100 shares snippets of real-life travel experiences from around the globe.

In Case You Missed it…

I spent a week on the backroads in my rented car. I surveyed the desolate Bodmin Moor on the interior and fell in love with water worlds on both Cornish coasts.

Beds, Beds, Beds

I stayed in twenty-two hotels, B and Bs, and cottages. Here are a few of my favorites.

Gliding Over Wales

When the hook clicks open, and the pilot catches the updraft, the cockpit goes silent.

Camping MendoStyle

The Mendocino Coast has an abundance of camping experiences. Camp among redwood giants; on a river bank; a secluded Pacific beach; under a bridge, or glamp in style surrounded by forest and woodlands. Camp with your horse. Work on a coastal farm. Have a luxury trailer delivered to your camp.

Pack the Baking Soda…

Baking soda is a traveler’s best friend. It can be used in a pinch to replace 100s of things.

Point Arena California, an Unplug, Unwind, Occupy Nature Weekend

The road trip to Point Arena gradually re-sets your pace. You slow down, unplug and occupy nature. Each turn in the road opens to a sweeping Pacific vista. Cliffs hang high above the ocean. Powerful surf is carried by the wind. Wild, remote, and stunning, the call of Nature is loud here. About 3-hours north… via…

Cycling adventures with a great pub included — Wheely Wonderful Cycling

Cycling in Shropshire UK is elevated to an art form by Wheely Wonderful Cycling. Based in Ludlow, the gastronomic capital of England, Wheely curates food/cycle tours with stops to immerse in the best of traditional and modern eats, made with locally sourced food, beer, cider, and wine. All that, while pedaling through the Shropshire Hills,…

CHAPTER 3 – England, I’ll Be There Soon

121-days till take off. I can almost feel the pull of that enormous Air Bus as we climb out of San Francisco. Eleven hours later, I’ll be in London. Yahoo! My itinerary is filling-up quickly. New adventures pop-up daily. I must admit, researching and planning are one of my favorite parts of any trip. New…

CHAPTER 2 – England, I’ll be there soon

Five months from now, I’ll be in England Hopefully, my body clock will adjust quickly. I’ll fly 11-hours non-stop, to reach my destination which is five hours ahead by the clock. Hummmmmm? Is this what jet lag’s all about? Arriving in London August 2nd, I’ll spend a couple days and evenings looking for rooftop locations…

The Mendocino Coast, we’re saving it for you

Visit the Mendocino Coast, take a hike on a land trust track. We’re saving it for you. Peregrine falcons, Point Arena mountain beaver, coastal prairie, dazzling white cliffs, wave watching, wildlife spotting, and spring flower bombs are just part of the wild, remote, and fragile Mendocino Coast and newly opened Pelican Bluffs Trail. Mendocino Land…

England, I’ll Be There Soon, Chapter One…

At last! In August 2018, I’ll fulfill my number one travel ambition; thirty days in England. My friends, family, and fellow journalist have heard lots about this trip. I’ve said many times, “This year I’m going to England for a month.”, only to be a ‘no-go’ for one reason or another. 2018 is the year…