Hello World – Let’s GO!!

My mother called me Mary Go. I was always eager to depart. Rattle the car keys, put on your coat, mention a destination – I was by the door ready and waiting.

My passion for travel still qualifies me for the name MaryGo. This website is my way of sharing my experiences past, present, future, local and far. From time to time I will post words, photos, videos and audio impressions of my wanderings. Enjoy, share, comment if you like, but be sure to GO yourself.

Thanks for stopping by MaryGo

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  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Happy travels, Mary!

    1. Thanks Jeyna. Are you a traveler?

      1. Jeyna Grace says:

        I do make it a point to travel out of the country once a year 🙂 Can I call myself a traveler?

      2. Absolutely!! Leaving the country makes you an international traveler. No matter if you are going to someplace on the other side of the planet or around the block, being a traveler is the state of mind you take with you. It’s the spirit of adventure and desire for the unknown. At least that’s what I believe. Where will you go next?

      3. Jeyna Grace says:

        Awesome 🙂 I wish I could go on adventures more frequently though. Once a year suffices for now. Haha!

        Well, I’m actually going to Japan this year 🙂 So, definitely looking forward to that.

      4. Japan – I’m jealous. I’m sure you will get lots of inspiration for your writing. Speaking of that – I have started reading the stories you are currently posting. Very good!
        Till next time, Mary

      5. Jeyna Grace says:

        Certainly will! Traveling inspires 🙂

        Thank you for checking out my stories! I’m glad you think so.

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