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The meeting room at the Denver Grand Hyatt was a long narrow rectangle. Fifteen round tables with ten chairs each where covered in white linen, water glasses, notepads and pens. 150 travel writers would soon fill the room. I felt certain I was out of my league, but that wouldn’t stop me from learning all I could.

I was attending The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop, a 3-day seminar. My goal – learn how I get paid to travel. I had my doubts. Doubts about my abilities and doubts about the program.

My uncertainties on both fronts were dispelled immediately. The sessions were informative, professional and intense. My confidence was boosted. I learned I had been headed in the right direction while stumbling blindly down the path to becoming a travel writer, photographer and videographer.

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Not all information was exchanged in the classroom. Denver’s Grand Hyatt Lobby Bar saw some late night discussions.


The workshop was eleven weeks ago. I’ve been using the knowledge, advice and support I got in Denver. It’s hard work, but I love it. Best of all, the work is paying off, I’ve had seven articles plus photos published.

When I went to Denver I had one publisher, the Fort Bragg-Mendocino Coast Packet. The Packet is a local newspaper, published monthly, covering entertainment, destinations, food and shopping on the coast. Since returning from Denver I’ve added Trip 101 and Pink Pangea. Both are travel related web sites. Additionally, I just received a contract from Culture Trip to write about San Francisco, the Bay Area and my local hood, the Mendocino Coast.

Writing and photography are actually the easy parts of my Boomer Job; it’s selling the work that requires tireless effort. Did I mention it comes with a bit of rejection? It’s exciting to have my work accepted and published, but it’s not a simple job. Getting paid to travel is a bit of a holy grail. Many have made it happen and so will I.

I made friends with people from around the globe while in Denver. They have been the proverbial wind beneath my wings these past weeks. Their support and advice are priceless. There is another group that’s been there for me – YOU, my readers, friends, family and followers. Thank you for all your encouragement, ideas and support.

Below are my two latest pieces to be published online.

Finding A Room With A View was published by Pink Pangea. It’s the prequel to,
Becoming A Countess In Asolo, Italy.

Finding A Room With A View In Venice


The Trip 101 article, Fort Bragg’s Coastal Trail, and photos have appeared in different versions in print and on my MaryGo website as Occupy Nature.

Fort Bragg’s Coastal Trail – A Wildlife, Wave And Wind Wonderland

I have no idea exactly where this journey will take me. I do know that wherever and whatever I encounter, it will be a thing of joy and I can’t wait to GO.

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  1. Patrish says:

    So happy you joined me. I knew it was a perfect match . Now you will just fly a little higher, farther, and faster!


  2. Patrish says:

    I am so glad you joined me. I knew it was a perfect fit. Now, you will just fly higher, farther, and faster!


    1. Thank you Patty, you made all the difference.

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