True Blue

Borage sports one of the few true-blue flowers in the garden. The vivid star-shaped blooms are plentiful, long lasting and taste like cucumber.

borage- med-01
Borago officinalis ~ Family: Boraginacea


I planted Borage in a 10 gallon glazed clay container last year. It prospered in a partial shade spot by the laundry room door. The herb was prolific, providing a remarkable amount of leaves and flowers that I added to salads, salsas and teas for months.

When water use restrictions were enacted, the tall hairy-leafed annual withered and died. I said my goodbyes with gratitude, believing it was the only time I would ever cultivate the herb.

This Spring the vigorously self-sowing Borage has returned not only to the container, but to beds where the seeds were carried by the wind. What a delight to see the brilliant blue stars tracking the sun throughout the day.

Used medicinally and as food, Borage – Borago officinalis – came to the Americas from southern Europe. There among many, many uses, it was taken as a tonic that was believed to have a stimulating effect. Wikipedia has a very good account of the medicinal uses.

The leaves and flowers are lovely chopped into green salads. Add them to wine, fruit or make into a hot or cold tea. The leaves add a cucumber flavor to pickles of any type. The flowers are a beautiful, edible decoration for cakes and are sometimes candied. The flowers dry well and are a colorful addition to potpourri.

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  1. Dawn says:

    I love blues in nature!! Mary, your gardens seemed to be very forgiving of the water restrictions of last year. Nature does what she needs when she needs to huh?

    1. My garden has managed to struggle back from devistation. I can only hope we continue to get some rain until watering restrictions are lifted. Thanks Dawn, MaryGo

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