A Party Wherever You Park It

 Tow-ster is always the life of the party. People are drawn to her beautiful curves and classic looks…

The 14’, remodeled, 1964 ‘Ideal’ travel trailer is a professionally equipped bar and lounge on wheels. Tow-ster is delivered and set-up at your private party or event, you add the alcohol and guests.

Tow-ster setup and ready to serve beer, wine, spirits and cocktails. Photographer: Mary Charlebois

The moveable bar is the ingenious brainchild of owners, designers and builders, Steve Sobieski, Michelle Noe and Jason Vallina. They combined their talents to create a mobile bar, professionally equipped, with a contemporary design esthetic. Tow-ster’s décor is modern, but timeless in execution, with every detail needed for professional service of beer, wine, spirits and cocktails.

The bar includes a large service window accessible from outside and a stand-up bar inside adjacent to the comfy lounge zone. Tow-ster is equipped with a commercial three-compartment sink, keg refrigerator with two taps, two-zone wine fridge, ice bin, Bluetooth sound system, LED lighting, electric and water connections. Easy access to glass racks and trash/recycle are provided from an outside hatch.

owners - sm HDR
Tow-ster partners, designers and builders – L to R Michelle Noe, Steve Sobieski and Jason Vallina. Photographer: Mary Charlebois

The project took months to complete with many surprises and challenges along the way. As much as possible of the original trailer was saved and re-used. Look closely and you’ll see original windows and lighting sconces. The vintage license plate, bumper and fold-down step maintain their original positions. Re-claimed redwood decorates the interior. Custom bar tops, cabinets and shelving are exquisitely hand-crafted. The website exhibits a photo album of the entire remodel process and the three partners hard at work.

Tow-ster is available for events small or large, two or three hours or a two or three days. It’s perfect for weddings, reunions and celebrations of all kinds. Rent it with glassware, ice and bartenders or provide the necessities yourself. Steve, Michelle and Jason will ensure you and your guests have an unbeatable experience.

For photos of past Tow-ster events and remodeling, visit www.thetowster.com. To enquire about availability, email – thetowsterbar@gmail.com or use the ‘Contact Us’ form on the Tow-ster website.

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Published by Fort Bragg-Mendocino Coat Packet – April 28, 2016  ~  Writer/Photographer: Mary Charlebois, MaryGo

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  1. Dawn says:

    A friend of mine here in Austin, Tx had the same idea but his used a basic tow behind type of box trailer for SXSW. This Tow-ster has so much more ambiance and charm!

    1. It is so cool. The décor could fit any event, but the white was aimed at weddings. We have loads of them here, often at places with no facilities like the beach or headlands. They plan to build more with themes like tiki bar and sports bar. –MaryGo

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