‘Views’ Are Welcome

I need your ‘views’, but not in an opinion-poll or survey.

Don’t worry, I’m not selling anything or asking for money, but I would appreciate your clicks and eyes on my video entry in The Virtuoso Traveler Photo & Video Contest 2016.


I’ve entered a short travel video in the Virtuoso competition. By clicking the VIEW MY ENTRY link and watching my 22 second video, EXPLORE, you register a view (vote) for my work. Leaving a comment is optional, but it does help me in the selection process.

The video was shot over several rowing trips. We set off from Dolphin Isle Marina on the Noyo River in Fort Bragg, California. Helen Dee, a 16ʹ, restored, vintage, whale boat carried us from glassy river, through hardworking commercial wharf, past dock-side eateries, accommodations, Coast Guard vessels, commercial fishing boats, and lots of wildlife. We rowed under the Noyo Bridge, across the Noyo Rough Bar, through the inlet and out into the open Pacific.

The trip was hosted by TSCA (Traditional Small Craft Association) and is available several times a week – conditions permitting.

Please give my humble video your support by watching it. Thank you for your help, I need all I can get.


Glad you stopped by, MaryGo

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