Arena Cove

A hoist is necessary to launch a boat into Arena Cove…

pt arena docks-01
Arena Cove Pier. Point Arena CA. Photographer: Mary Charlebois, MaryGo

Boats are driven to the hoist on trailers. The hoist lifts them up, swings over the water and lowers the vessel. Reverse to take a boat out.

I loved watching this precarious looking operation from the deck of the Chowder House. It was good entertainment while sipping vino and learning about boat hoisting.

Point Arena is an ideal place to stop and take a break while driving Hwy 1 along Mendocino Coast. Head down to the cove. The fish-hook shaped mini-bay has steep stone headlands and a rocky shore. The scenery is beautiful and unique. The atmosphere is laid-back.

The tall wood pier is utilized by working and pleasure craft. Fishing is good from the pier. Surfers ride the surf. Kayakers paddle the shore. A hotel and restaurant make this picturesque, peaceful waterfront and ideal get-away and chill location.

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  1. John Bechtel says:

    I enjoyed your crisp writing, Mary. No adjective stuffing. 🙂 Always a pleasure. Thank you.

    1. Thank you John. You know what they say, “if you see an adjective, kill it”.

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