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Thank you, Fort Bragg-Mendocino Coast Packet, for publishing my story about
B Bryan Preserve in Point Arena, California.
Locals can take the day and go for an African safari near home.
Visitors to the area – make the spectacular B Bryan Preserve one of your stops.

Published September 29, 2016 – Fort Bragg-Mendocino Coast Packet.Writer: Mary Charlebois, Mary Go ~ Photographer: Kevin Scanlon

Here is the text of the story in a bit larger size and a couple more photos…

Endangered African animals thrive in Point Arena

Climb in a canvas covered touring jeep and explore the Savanna-like pastures of B Bryan Preserve. Zebra, giraffe, and antelope are abundant on the guided tour. You’ll stand eye-to-eye with Rothschild Giraffes in their specially built barn. From a loft, you are on eye level with the tallest of all giraffes and the tallest land animal on earth. Their quiet grace is enchanting.

Mom and baby Zebra. She’s keeping an eye on us. Photographer: Mary Charlebois


B Bryan Preserve is a 110 acre breeding and conservation reserve for African Hoof Stock. Founder, Dr. Frank Mello, and his wife, Judy, raise, breed, and study Roan, Sable, and Greater Kudu Antelope. Grevy’s and Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra are also residents of the sanctuary. The Rothschild Giraffes are stately kings of the preserve. Close to extension in the African wild, BBP’s group of male giraffes are involved in breeding programs internationally. All the preserve’s animals are endangered or critically endangered. Poaching and habitat loss are on the rise in Africa, shrinking many wildlife populations.

Animals are cared for by wildlife professionals and volunteers. Nutrition, habitat and social needs are carefully managed each day. If you visit in the Spring, babies will be there. Newborn zebras stay close to mother and the herd. Tiny antelope lay barely visible in the grass. Moms keep a vigilant eye, watching for predators.

Mom and baby Zebras having a morning snack. Photographer: Mary Charlebois


Tours of the preserve include close observation and interaction with animals. You are led by a knowledgeable tour guide who teaches you all the facts. Giraffe feeding is optional, but not to be missed. The giraffes may be over 16 feet tall, but they are very gentle giants. Their dark tongues are soft as velvet and nimble. They lean over the fence to gently accept small pieces of fruit and veg prepared by their caretakers. Don’t forget your camera, photo ops are everywhere.

Taking a snck from a visitor in the Giraffe barn. Photographer: Kevin Scanlon


Tours of the preserve are a wonderful way to see and learn about African animals. The best way is to immerse yourself in this special place is by renting one of the three lakeside, family cabins. Watch the sunset with a giraffe, zebra or antelope.

B Bryan Preserve is located at 130 Riverside Drive, Point Arena. That’s 1/8 mile east, off Hwy 1. Tours are 9:30 am or 4:00 pm daily, by reservation only. Reservations can be made online or by calling 707-882-2297. Learn more about the animals, the preserve, the cottage rentals, and make reservations at www.bbryanpreserve.com .

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  1. Debra says:

    What a nice article! So many coastal friends go there with their kids and they look like they have an amazing time! I REALLY need to go down there some day…. Thanks for the post – I’m passing it along on Facebook!

    1. Thank you Debra. I loved going there. The photo ops are over the top, so I know you’ll love it too. Thanks for sharing the story. ==MaryGo

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