Eat a neighborhood…

Only 3-hours in San Francisco? Eat a Neighborhood…

Published in ByWAYS Magazine, December 19, 2016 – Words and photos by Mary Charlebois

Food is the key to knowing any city. Submerge yourself in one of San Francisco’s 27 diverse neighborhoods and eat your way through. In three hours, you will learn about food, history, culture, politics and residents. Try Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Vietnamese, Chinese, even forage city parks for common wild foods, medicinal plants and edible flowers…  Read the rest of my story and see photos

Thanks for stopping by, MaryGo


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  1. Dawn says:

    I’m imaging the 3 hours of craft cocktails! I went on a foodie tour of Telluride Colorado. They really do give a great sense of the culture of an area.


    1. 3-hours could be dangerous.


  2. Edible Excursions would take good care of you. 🙂


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