10 Surprising things to do on the Mendocino Coast

Over 100-miles of coastline form the west side of Mendocino County. Most is remote, skirted by CA Hwy 1 and inhabited only by Mother Nature. It’s said you come here for wildlife, waves, wilderness and wine and you return for the people. On the Mendocino coast, you’ll unplug, unwind and slow down. There’s lots to do at your own pace.

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Published 01.22.17 by Immersion Travel Magazine. Story and photography by Mary Charlebois

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  1. Lady Eloise says:

    Great Article! Love the cemetery photo in the fog. Very peaceful. Glad you have a map of the trail – now I know where I can go to walk it from end to the other! Thanks for sharing your local knowledge.

    1. Glad you like the map. I love making them. Thank you Lady. –Mary

  2. Mary, I love the way you write, but I am in awe when I look at your photography – the photographs complement the writing and make it more powerful.

    1. Thank you Phyl. Your words mean so much. I’m so gratified to know it comes alive for you. 🙂

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