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A Portrait of Mendocino Village

San Francisco based projection artist, Ben Wood, will be working in Mendocino California on March 3rd & 4th. He’ll be creating and prepping for, A Portrait of Mendocino Village, an after dark, projected art installation celebrating the community, its people and spaces. Ben is working with Mendocino Art Center to present his combination history and technology installation to be projected during Mendocino Almost Fringe Fest, April 7th, 8th & 9th.

Community members & visitors are needed become a part of the art

Everyone is welcome and your faces and spaces are needed. Have your photo taken and be included in Ben’s projection art installation,  A Portrait of Mendocino Village. Sign-up online now to be a part of the art on Friday, March 3rd or Saturday, March 4th. You’ll be photographed and integrated in the final artwork.

For the Mendocino piece, Ben will focus on the faces and spaces of our community and visitors. He’ll present image sequences as time-lapses. They will cycle through portraits of citizens, artists, actors, musicians, book sellers, librarians, tour guides, historians, merchants, servers, inn-keepers, shop keepers, gardeners, cooks, residents and visitors. People will be featured in their physical setting as animated portraits briefly carrying out their activity.

About Ben Wood

img1_headTransplanted from Brighton England to San Francisco, Ben Wood is a site-specific visual artist and passionate story teller. He uses video and site-specific installations to communicate meaningful stories about people and place.

Since 1999, Ben has worked at reawakening history and exposing vital realities of our current time and place. Ben is a groundbreaker, merging art, history and technology. He is devoted to using contemporary media to animate public spaces with images of their lost histories. He reveals stories of marginalized and forgotten communities by projecting images onto the physical landscape of the present.

In 2015 Ben’s work, The Temple of Kwan Tai, was projected onto Mendocino’s Kwan Tai Temple. His work has also been shown at the Mendocino Film Festival. He has projected his poignant imagery in San Francisco, Mendocino, Mexico City, Honolulu, Hawaii and London.

Help make it happen!

Ben needs our help to make this happen. You can help by adding your face to the project on March 3rd or 4th. We also need to raise greenbacks to help pay for Ben’s travel and project expenses. If you can help Ben, even a small amount, please donate HERE

For more information about the artist and the upcoming project,  A Portrait of Mendocino Village, click here.

Thank you for your participation & support of this community art event, and as always, thanks for stopping by, MaryGo

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