Travel Hack – Cold and cough therapy

Cough and cold relief when traveling…

What could be worse than a cold or cough on that vacation you’ve waited all year for? Or the business trip that you couldn’t cancel? My favorite treatment is mint inhalation for a cold or cough. At home, I get a large bowl of steamy water, add mint oil, cover my head with a towel, lean over the steam and inhale. On the road – not so easy.

You can make a mini steam and mint inhaler almost anywhere, hotel, plane, train or auto.

travel steamer-01 BY CHARLEBOIS

What you need –

  • A clean disposable coffee cup and lid from a coffee shop.
  • One of these – Mint oil from a pharmacy. Mint leaves from a food market. Mint tea bag from a coffee shop or food market. Breath mints if no other sources of mint can be found.
  • Steamy water from a coffee shop or heated in a microwave. From a hot water tap if nothing else is available.

What to do –

Pour hot water into the cup, add mint, breath deeply while holding the cup under your nose and mouth. Keep the lid on when not inhaling. It will ease coughing. The things you you need are easy to find in most places.

Hope you feel better, MaryGo

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  1. Debra Eloise says:

    Awesome little article, Mary. Great tip for that unexpected “ick” that sometimes happens on travel. Since I traveled for business mostly, it was a killer, especially because the events I managed could not be cancelled just because I was sick. I wish I had known about this back then! But I’m sure you’re a Heroine for someone else today! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Debra. It’s helpful for allergies. The mint opens breathing passages. Sort of like when mom put Vicks on your chest. 🙂

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