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  1. John Bechtel says:

    Well written article. No gushing adjectives, just straight stuff and interesting.

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    1. Thanks John. This is the first story I went for when I said, “I’m going to be a travel writer”. A short version was published in Oct 2015. It’s taken a lot of time to find a real home for the long version. Even so, lots fell on the cutting room floor – mostly the historic uses and origins of traditional small-craft. Thanks for reading. –MaryGo 😉


  2. Lady Eloise says:

    As always, your articles make me “wanna go there”! This is wonderful news about the TSCA and I hope more people will go out and experience this adventure. My cameras are drooling with the opportunities this adventure entails! Thanks for sharing and congrats on another successful publication of your work! LOVED the photos!

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    1. I’d be happy to introduce you to TSCA. You can go along as boats photographer and not row or you can row if you like. It’s challenging shooting in a moving boat. It is a thrilling adventure, one that changes evertime. I hope you give it a try. –MaryGo


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