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Tucked into a corner of a seven-acre, blimp-hanger, Steve Schramm’s lifetime collection of WWII battle scenes is the newest exhibit at Tillamook Air Museum. A 20’x80’ space with three levels, is home to Steve’s mesmerizing collection.


Last spring, I spent five weeks in Oregon. I wandered, explored, photographed and tasted. I love Oregon and the very special people that make it their home.


Steve Schramm was one of the most memorable of the folks I met. I happened upon him and his dog in the Tillamook Air Museum in Tillamook Oregon. He was putting together his collection of WWII battle dioramas. This happy and generous man has donated his life’s work to the museum as a permanent exhibit.

Click on title below to learn more about Steve, his collection and the air museum from my story published by Travel Thru History.

Tillamook Air Museum: A Lifetime Collection Becomes Museum Exhibit

WWII battle exhibit-01 24x BY CHARLEBOIS


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  1. Lady Eloise says:

    Congrats on getting this article published! It was a wonderful read and made me wish I had had a chance to visit Tillamook when I lived in Oregon. Loved the photos too! You’re right about the coastal house rentals – I loved doing that and it saved money in the long run over the hotels. Big business up there. I’m glad you got to see one of the most beautiful states in the country!

  2. Thank you Debra. I was lucky enough to house-sit at a luxury condo in Rockaway Beach. It was wonderful. I cooked many of my meals using local fish, veg, fruit and cheese and had a comfy home base lakeside and 2 blocks from the beach. I hope I can return for a few days again this spring. Gotta have some more of that Tillamook Bay seafood! –MaryGo

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