Top-10 Stories For 2017

What a year. 100s of photos, 1000s of words, 12,000 miles or more, and lots of adventure. 2017 has been my best journalist year, life-changing in fact.

I didn’t see my work in any of my publishers 2017 top story lists. I decided to review my efforts for the year and name ten of my favorites.

Not so easy. I love all my stories and publishers, it wasn’t easy to choose. My only guidelines were my reactions as I re-read my work.

If I compiled this list in a few days, it would probably change, but for now, here are ten favorites.

Dusty Dillon at the sweep oar.
Dusty Dillon 1948~2017

1 Sailing Through History with TSCA
Published 04/14/17 by Immersion Travel Magazine
In a human-powered whaleboat, on a glorious Saturday afternoon, eleven of us set out from Dolphin Isle Marina and began navigating the Noyo River. Our trip would take us through the harbor, under a 90-foot bridge, and into open water. Commercial fishing boats passed our craft. Seals lounged on bell buoys and paid us little mind. We were a small bobbing dot in the vast Pacific Ocean… read more


sa beach am-01 24x BY CHARLEBOIS
St Augustine Beach Sunrise

2Northeast Florida: 100-Miles of US Route A1A
Published 09/18/17 by GoNOMAD
Put the top down, slide on your movie star shades, let your hair fly. Your mission, road trip, 100-miles of Florida’s coast. Two-lane A1A meanders along Florida’s Atlantic coast. It zigzags frequently, crossing the Intercostal Waterway, jumping between the mainland and narrow islands sitting like dots and dashes just off-shoreread more


wool fest-02 800 px BY CASARI
Ariana, shearing at Casari Ranch, Point Arena CA


3“Sheep is Life” at Casari
Published 03/01/17 by Word of Mouth Magazine
Turning east on Curly Road from Hwy 1, a gravel lane crosses rolling hills and pastures bordered by forest and wetlands. Groups of sheep graze meadows and laze in the shade of Cypress trees. Horses roam in the distance. Turning into the ranch driveway, chickens forage near the wool mill. Rambunctious Terrier puppies bark and chase my truck to the ranch house. Raised gardens are filled with culinary and medicinal herbs. The scene is bucolic… read more

Datil Peppers
Delicious datils.

4The Delicious Chili Pepper You’ve Never Heard Of
Published 09/05/17 by Eat Your World
St Augustine Florida has a short-and-sweet secret. It’s the datil pepper. The datil is between 100,000 and 300,000 on the Scoville Scale, ranking it with habaneros, but unlike their four-alarm scorch, datil’s burn is short, then sweet and fruity. This little firecracker, often called the Minorcan pepper, was brought to St Augustine by Minorcan immigrants aboard Spanish ships… read more


ruby-01 24x BY CHARLEBOIS
Spring Clover blooming with Mt Hood in the distance.


5Tualatin Valley Oregon—Prime Weekend Territory
Published 08/14/17 by Short Weeks—Long Weekends
Mt. Hood peaks between the hills from time-to-time. Along two-lane backroads, you’re occasionally slowed by a tractor. Barns, livestock, orchards, farms, and vineyards dress the rolling hills. U-pick fields, farm stands, tasting rooms and cyclist pop-up along the way. You’ll easily forget a busy city is a few miles awayread more

wave-01 sm
Mendocino Coast off-shore island


6 Exploring Our Coastal Treasures: Stronetta Lands
Published 06/23/17 by Independent Coast Observer
There’s more here than whale watching, a lighthouse, waves, and rocks. More than world-renown photo ops. This is raw, always changing, eternally evolving, Nature. You can watch it happening, big and bold. It’s an area so dynamic, yet so fragile, it’s become a national monument, protected in perpetuityread more

ramen-01 med BY CHARLEBOIS


7Japantown, San Francisco, In 36-Hours
Published 04/27/17 by Eat Your World
Ethereal tonkotsu, silky ramen. Tangy, crisp pickles. Sushi, sashimi, spicy sweet ginger and sake. Sweet, light, yummy mochi. Soak it all up with 36-hours in San Francisco’s Japantown. Six square blocks embody Japanese food, history, and cultureread more

Samantha LeVine oz farm-01 24x BY CHARLEBOIS
Samantha LeVine with carrots for CSA boxes and farmer’s market. Oz Farm, Point Arena CA.


8Organic Heirlooms at Oz Farm
Published 09/01/17 by Word of Mouth Magazine
“We grow food for the community. We grow ourselves. We grow farmers.”
There’s a big S-curve about a quarter of the way down the gravel road. A few chug-holes, a downhill ride, a deep quiet valley, and you’re in utopia. Redwoods and conifers circle the basin, the Garcia River rolls by. Seventeen acres of fruit and veg buzz and hum with bees and pollinators
read more

feeding giraffe-01-med
MaryGo and friend.


9Eye-to-Eye with Giants on California’s Mendocino Coast at B Bryan Preserve
Published 03/17/17 by MilesGeek
Climb into a canvas covered touring jeep and explore the Savanna-like pastures of B Bryan Preserve. Zebras, giraffe, and antelope are abundant on the guided tour. You’ll stand eye-to-eye with Rothschild Giraffes in their specially built barnread more

PHOTO 2 - steve schramm BY CHARLEBOIS
Steve Schramm


10Tillamook Air Museum: A Lifetime Collection Becomes Museum Exhibit
Published 10/30/17 by Travel Thru History
Tucked into a corner of a seven-acre, blimp-hanger, Steve Schramm’s lifetime collection of WWII battle scenes is the newest exhibit at Tillamook Air Museum. A 20’x80’ space with three levels, is home to Steve’s mesmerizing collectionread more 

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