2017- My Favorite Photos

Prolific doesn’t say enough when it comes to my photography. I take 1000s of pics in a year.
2017 was photo-op filled from my travels around the country.

California, Oregon, Florida, Washington DC (twice), Chicago, New York City, and all the states between Chicago and San Francisco filled my travel card in 2017.

I traveled by boat, train, plane, and automobile. Blue Belle, my rusty 1995 pick-up, was my trusty steed for a five-week road trip in Oregon.

No matter where I go, I have my camera. Here are a few of my favorites photos from 2017.

Click top left image to vew full-sized.

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  1. Lemonpath says:

    Fantastic photos Mary! My favourites are the flowers, donkey and Mt Shasta!

    1. Thank you. I love them all, but the Mt. Shasta shot was one I had to work for. I was at a Hwy 5 roadside rest stop just south of the Oregon/California state line. The parking lot was filled with dozens of big trucks. A 6-lane highway sat between me and the mountain. I kept lifting my camera higher & higher tlll I was finally shooting through the pine tree. A lucky accident that worked out OK. –MaryGo

  2. Lady Eloise says:

    Great photos, wonder stories throughout the year and adventures that will last you forever in memory! What better way to live life, eh? Congrats on a wonderful 2017 and I hope 2018 brings you even more blessings and adventures!

    1. Thank you so much. I’m a lucky gal, and soul-deep grateful for all I’ve been given. Most especially for people like you. 🙂

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