The Mendocino Coast, we’re saving it for you

Visit the Mendocino Coast, take a hike on a land trust track.
We’re saving it for you.

Peregrine falcons, Point Arena mountain beaver, coastal prairie, dazzling white cliffs, wave watching, wildlife spotting, and spring flower bombs are just part of the wild, remote, and fragile Mendocino Coast and newly opened Pelican Bluffs Trail.

Mendocino Land Trust announced the opening of their newest trail, Pelican Bluffs, just south of Point Arena California.

The mission of the Mendocino Land Trust is to conserve important natural resources of Mendocino County including working farmlands and forests, wildlife habitat, open space, scenic vistas, watersheds, and to facilitate public access.

They have done exactly that many, many times. Public lands make up most of our 100-miles of Pacific coast. State parks fill in the gaps. Mendocino Land Trust works with coastal communities to raise funds for purchasing and protecting our coastal treasures, the land. See our Mendocino Coast saved lands HERE.

From money to sweat, all land trust properties and restorations are accomplished by volunteers, locals that want to save our fragile coast from harm, and keep it for all to enjoy forever.

Pelican Bluffs Trail has been sustainably developed by volunnteer labor. We salute you hard workers. Thank you.

Map of Pelican Bluffs trail

Guide and maps for all the land trust trails HERE.

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