Tiny Travel Tip #1…

~ Tiny’s 1st travel tip video ~

…baking soda is a traveler’s best friend..

It can be used in a pinch to replace or fill-in for 100s of things.

When I travel, I take it along in a plastic bottle, filled at home. So far, I’ve made it through airport security without a wrinkle. However, I’m always prepared for my bottle of white powder to be scrutinized or left behind. No big hassle, after all, it’s available worldwide, and it’s cheap.

MaryGo’s TOP-10 baking soda uses while traveling ~

#1 Toothpaste and mouthwash. teeth-human-model-white-toothb

#2 Exfoliation for the skin. (I use this no matter where I am. Sorry Clinique.)

#3 Deodorant

#4 Dry shampoo

#5 Cleaner for not-so-clean lodging bathrooms and kitchens

#6 Deodorizer for musty pillows, beds, rugs, garments, shoes, and bags. SLittle girl kid with red heart shape pillow.prinkle and rub into the fabric.

#7 Laundry detergent, no suds, but will clean.

#8 Wash fruit and veg from markets. No water? Not needed, just sprinkle and wipe.

#9 First aid for acid stomach, sunburn, insect bites, and rashes. Make a paste the consistency of toothpaste and apply.00438626

#10 Fire extinguisher. Call for help, then sprinkle on flames.

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Enjoy Tiny’s premier video demonstration how to travel with baking soda.

Thanks for stopping by, MaryGo

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  1. Lady Eloise says:

    Great little series you have started! Love these ideas about baking soda… DUH – why don’t we think of such practical things? Because we need great travelers like you to help us! Thanks for all these ideas – it will make great packing for me even when I’m driving somewhere – less bathroom baggage! ha ha I love it!

    1. Thanks Deb. Baking soda is the handiest. –MaryGo

  2. I love “Tiny’s” travel tips. So practical and easy.

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