A Cup of tea my dear?

I love a pot of tea, especially Earl Grey.

In August, while traveling in England, I had some lovely tea. I also learned a bit about the Brits and the amber elixir.

I’ve written a story about my tea adventures.  MilesGeek will publish it in November.

Here are a few of my tea photos for all the tea lovers out there.

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  1. Lady Eloise says:

    Congrats on the story publication! Looking forward to reading the delightful story that will remind me of these great photos! Stock shots everywhere and some really special moments to leave great memories for you. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Deb, but these aren’t stock shots. They are my own photos I took for the assignment while in England. –Mary

  2. paul davis says:

    A lovely cup of tea really deserves something to eat. Here in the Shropshire Hills we are currently creating a Shropshire Cream Tea Trail which focuses on the Shropshire Prune (a local type of damson) for the jam. Should be plenty to photo for your next trip 😉

    1. YAY!! When will it go public?

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