Thank you, we made it!

“We published hundreds of stories….from all over…and your story rose to the top of the heap!”
–Max Hartshorne, Editor, GoNOMAD

Those words set me dancing around my house like a Dervish.

Thank you, Frankie, Cornwall, readers, and GoNOMAD for making my story, photos, and video one of GoNOMAD’s Top-10 Travel Stories of 2018.

Enjoy Tropics of Cornwall and nine other stories from global writers, photographers, and videographers HERE.

Thank you for your support and for stopping by, MaryGo.

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  1. George E Bukaty 816-753-3633 says:


    Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

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  2. ckendallwp says:

    Congrats, Mary. Very cool!



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    1. Thank you Scott. What a job. 🙂


  3. Lady Eloise says:

    Wow – that’s so cool! I can see you dancing around with joy and getting so inspired to do even more for 2019. Congrats on such a wonderful recognition for your talent and artistic gifts.

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    1. Thank you Deb, you are so kind, you make me blush. –Mary


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