Road Trip ~ San Simeon

Sippin the sun down

SAN SIMEON ~ The sun rises over Pine Mountain. A dense layer of fog veils the end of San Simeon Pier. It’s mesmerizing as the fog retreats, and the beach comes to life. Gulls glide over thermals, then perch on wood pilings. Their penetrating calls will wake nearby campers.

In October 2018 I spent three weeks on California’s Central Coast. I wandered around in my new Honda, Patty. We were inland and coastal. The stories from that 3-week road trip are still hitting the airwaves.

I’m especially proud of my San Simeon piece published by trivago Magazine. It was the first time trivago has used my photos, and the first time one of my stories has been on the front page of the magazine. Thanks to everyone that helped me put my trip and story together.

Click HERE to read the story.

San Simeon California

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