30-Days in Malta – Chapter 2

156-days till take off…

I’ll be living like a local while in Malta. I’ve found two apartments. One for two weeks on the Isle of Gozo and one for two weeks on the Isle of Malta.

On Gozo, I’ll be staying in the Triq il-Gleneagles Penthouse, in Għajnsielem. Oh I feel so POSH when I write that.

Here’s the view from one of the two terraces. Again, that POSH feeling.

View from the back terrace.

It’s in a historic building on a quiet neighborhood street. The waterfront and beach are a couple blocks away. The ferry terminal is a 15-minute walk.

This is the gated entrance to the building. And, more POSHness.

On Malta, I’ve got a three-bedroom apartment with a little balcony. It’s located at San Pawl il-Baħar. It’s a big sunny apartment with a cute kitchen.

The Malta apartment has an ocean view in the Bugibba District. The area is busy and filled with markets, waterfront cafes, historic buildings, marinas, and attractions. The street is residential, and free of traffic and tourist.

I’ve started looking into festivals. The Maltese Islands are known for their celebrations. There are numerous festivals throughout the year. Feast days, harvest festivals fireworks festivals, music festivals, art festivals, village festas, regattas, and many more.

One of several festivals I’ll attend is Fjakkolata. I’ll meander through country and town to view the spectacle of thousands of lanterns lining the roads and streets called fjakkoli.

Birgu by Candlelight
Birgu by Candlelight

On the practical side

I’ll be renewing my Allianz Annual Traveler’s policy. I was very glad to have it when my camera gear was stolen while on assignment in San Francisco’s Presidio. Thank you, Allianz for making the process as painless as possible.

I got a new Canon Rebel T6 and three lenses. Today I ordered a new camera backpack, mine was taken in the robbery. I plan to get very comfortable with the gear before I get to the Mediterranean.

This is Gozo. My apartment building is the little white one just to the left of the right-hand church.

A special thanks to Ed at Malta Uncovered. With unending patience, he helped me sort through the apartments I discovered and gave me insider’s info on a few. He’s done a lot for me, I suppose a thank you dinner is in order.

There will be no car, I plan to walk, bike, bus, boat or ferry my way around both islands and maybe another country or two.

Until next month, thanks for stopping by, MaryGo

Folks Helping Me Plan My Trip to Malta
~ Visit MaltaMalta Uncovered ~

Some of My Malta ESP (eat, sleep, play)
~ Air – Virgin AtlanticAir Malta ~

~ Housing – Air B&B ~

~ Travel Insurance – Allianz ~

*All photos courtesy of Visit Malta and Air B&B

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  1. Phyl Doppelt says:

    You are living your dream !!

    1. Yes, I suppose I am Phyl. I count my blessings daily. 🙂

  2. Loraine Joyner says:

    MaryGo—so happy to learn you could replace some of your stolen items! Wish I could be traveling with you—I’d drag the luggage! PS—Happy travels. Cannot wait to see your pix.

    1. Thank you, Loraine. I wonder if Malta has a travel writer’s hotel? 🙂

  3. Gattaldo says:

    I’d say this wouldn’t I, but I’d stay around the Grand Harbour (see main picture of the Regatta) again and again. Well, it isn’t always easy because I have to block off the dates in time for our place. I love the way the Three Cities and Valletta are now linked with a 15 minute ferry giving anyone with no car like myself quite a wide area to call home. Remember – home is a feeling.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. Malta will be my home for 30-days, I can’t wait. –MaryGo

  4. Lady Eloise says:

    Wow – how exciting for you to see this part of the world! So much history there of mankind. Wonderful photos that feel like you’ve already been there! But I’m sure you’ll have plenty more with your new equipment. I’m sorry to hear about the theft – I hope you were able to save some of your photos before the camera was stolen. Thanks for sharing your travels – we get to live vicariously through you!

    1. Your notes are so uplifting. Thank you.
      Isn’t Malta a photographers Nervana? I
      hope to come away with some good work, especially of buildings and that blue water.
      I did loose a few pics, but nothing major. As usual, it’s the small things you miss the most. My pack has traveled many a mile with me, the black hat, my spare Jackie-O sunglasses. Time to let go and move on. The new gear is fun, fun, fun. I have loads of regional travel coming up where I will re-train myself with new tools.
      Thank you for your support and interest. –MaryGo

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