Animals| Birds | Insects

The most challenging  photo subjects for me are animals, birds, and insects…

they’re also my favorite. Time passes quickly when I’m waiting beside an estuary for a pelican or egret to swim with the perfect light, or a curious Lemar to look directly into my lens.

Bees have caused me to go totally buzzy while waiting in my lavender patch for the perfect shot. Slugs and snails are excellent models. I’m still working on a dragonfly technique.

What fun! —MaryGo

Animals| Birds | Insects*


*All photos are by Mary Charlebois and are copyright protected.

Thanks for stopping by, MaryGo

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  1. Emese Fromm says:

    Beautiful photography!

    1. Thank you Emese. It’s the love of my life. –MaryGo

  2. Fabulous photos, Mary. I can imagine that they must have taken a lot of patience and hard work – but the end results are definitely worth it.

    1. I suppose it is work, but it’s work I love. Thank you Liz. 🙂 –MaryGo

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