England Story #20 Published

International Living Magazine published story #20 from my 30-Days in England

It’s been almost a year since I went to England for 30-days in 2018. I’ve been lucky enough to have 20 articles* published about my adventures.

The stories contain thousands of words, hundreds of photos, and several videos. The memories are priceless. The hospitality of so many touched me again and again. I’ll write about my journey for years to come.

The piece below is the latest to hit the streets. Print publication, International Living Magazine, included my musings about Cornwall in the June 2019 issue.

*At the end of this post, you’ll find links to all my 30-Days in England stories just in case you missed one – 🙂

cornwall in IL-1 page CHARLEBOIS

Print & Web Publishers

 An English Country Retreat Castle House Hotel
09/22/18 – Travel Dreams Magazine

England: Gliding Across the Border to Wales
09/29/18 – GoNOMAD Travel

 Wythall Estate and Vineyards: New Directions for an English Country Retreat
10/30/18 – MilesGeek

 England: Live Like a King, Golf Like a Lord in Kent, England’s Garden
11/01/18 – Links & Libations Magazine

What I learned About Tea in Southern England
11/16/18 – MilesGeek

England: Tropics of Cornwall
Readers voted this story a Top Ten GoNOMAD 2018 Travel Story
11/19/18 – GoNOMAD Travel

A Hidden English Cottage: Haven for a Travel Writer
11/27/18 – The Travel 100

A London Hotel with a Secret Past
12/03/18 – Links & Libations Magazine

Herefordshire and the Wye Valley in Central England
12/24/18 – GoNOMAD Travel

Bath: Above the Madding Crowd
12/27/18 – TheTravel 100

My Favorite Bath in Bath
01/02/19 – The Travel 100

I Found My Inner-Mermaid at Rick Stein’s in Padstow Cornwall
01/02/19 – The Travel 100

A Tale of Canterbury England
01/10/19 – The Travel 100

Falmouth – Cornwall’s Ferry-Land
01/28/19 – MilesGeek

Ludlow, England’s Foodie Center
02/25/19 – GoNOMAD Travel

England: Bath Without the Madding Crowd
03/25/19 – GoNOMAD Travel

The Greenbank Hotel: A Crow’s Nest in Falmouth Cornwall England
03/29/19 – The Travel 100

London Contemporary, An Art Tour
04/09/19 – Links & Libations

Driving in England: A Yank’s Perspective
07/10/19 – GoNOMAD Travel


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  1. Emese Fromm says:

    Congratulations, Mary! Wonderful piece! Impressive also that one of your trips inspired so many great articles – I read the ones on GoNomad, your piece on Cornwall was great – deservedly top ten 🙂

  2. Thank you Emese. It was an inspiring trip, even the scary driving inspired a story. 🙂

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