Libations anyone?

Yes, I have become one of those people, …

… you know, the type that photographs everything they eat and drink; but I have a good excuse, “it’s my job.” Being a freelance travel journalist and photographer is the best gig ever. It may not pay so well, but the perks are delightful. Enjoy these “my job required it” shots of lovely libations I’ve researched and enjoyed along the road.

Gratitude to all those that share their passion and work so hard to make us so happy. —MaryGo

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  1. Loraine Joyner says:

    Light on glass and liquids can result in some truly gorgeous pix! Nice ones here, MaryGo.

    Loraine M. Joyner 678-654-2829


  2. Thank you Loraine. 🙂

  3. Lady Eloise says:

    You know what’s funny about this? I can tell from the quality of the photos, which ones were taken more recently and with newer technology. It’s amazing how much that improves our jobs of shooting on the fly, eh? And your expertise in shooting has changed too! It’s great that you can write AND photograph so you don’t have to subcontract anymore! More power to ya! These are great stock shots too, right?

  4. Marsi says:

    That is a serious collection of refreshing adult beverages! Now I’m thirsty. Good thing it’s Friday 🙂

    Good regional food and drink are one of my favorite parts of the travel experience!

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