Love Letter for an Airline…

…6 Reasons to Fly Virgin Atlantic

I flew Virgin Atlantic as part of my journey to and from Malta. They treated me so well, and I liked them so much, I wrote them a love letter. Captain Jetson* published it for me.

Click a comfy seat for 6 Reasons to fly Virgin Atlantic ~

VA Press Kit - Aug 19

*I contribute travel stories and photos monthly to Captain Jetson.   The web and email publication covering airline and travel news are published by Les, an airline pilot, flying those big jets. Check him out and try the free subscription.
Neither myself or Captain Jetson were paid or compensated for this story. I paid for my ticket with my funds.

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  1. Lady Eloise says:

    Great article! I’m sure Virgin Air LOVES you back plenty! It’s good to know there are still quality airlines out there. Thanks for the info.

    1. Virgin works hard to have satisfied customers and employees. In such a tough business they have maintained an ‘old-school’ way of doing business while incorporating leading-edge technology and safety. –MaryGo

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