30-Day Pacific NW Tour Postponed

It’s official, I’m planning my 30-Day trip for 2020.
Destination? The Pacific Northwest.

Bathing Among Redwoods. Photos by Mary Charlebois.
Redwood Bathing

By Mary Charlebois

In May, I’m driving the backroads from my home on the Mendocino Coast of Northern California to Victoria BC, a roundtrip of over 2000-miles.

Mount Shasta comes in and out of view as you meander along the highways and backroads of the region.
Although I’ve seen this monolith many times, it always takes my breath away when I see it for the first time while headed north or south in Northern California. This shot was captured at the Weed Rest Area on Hwy 5.

Day 1

My first stop will be in the Mount Shasta/Lake Shasta area, about 280-miles from home. I’ll stay there a couple of days hopefully, in a Glamping Hub cabin. I’ll be staying in cabins at a few of my stops. I’m hoping to get one with the view in the above photo – Mount Shasta.

Oregon, I’m home

Bend Oregon will be home for 5—6-days. I’ll spend my first two days at McMenamins, Old St Francis School in downtown Bend. It will be my first time at the hotel and in Bend.

I’m planning a downtown ‘park and forget my car’ day, and a day in my car on the backroads. My hotel is 3-blocks from the river, and in the center of Bend’s lively downtown district. There is plenty to do and see, including a history museum, parks, live entertainment, breweries, wineries, dozens of restaurants, and of course, wonderful little shops. At the library I can pick up free passes to three museums around Bend. I’ll make it my first stop on my morning walk and shoot.

McMenamins‘ beds are all one-of-a-kind. This one has a battleship on the headboard.
It tied into a book written by a Navy officer. The book and others were in the room.

I’ve stayed at a McMs property before, McMenamins Grand Lodge in Forest Grove Oregon. The photo above was my room there. To call McMs unique is a soft sell. The properties overflow with character, dazzling art, live entertainment, food and libations. I’m eager to explore and photograph another one of McMs outstanding properties in downtown Bend.

Down by the river…

I’ll be at Riverhouse on the Deschutes for the Travel and Words conference for three nights. The Riverhouse is a resort on the banks of the Deschutes River in Bend. I hope to get time away from the conference to explore the property and riverbanks, but our schedule is packed. A sunrise walk and shoot might have to do. 🙂

Travel and Words is a Northwest travel and lifestyle writer’s conference for professional development and networking between writers, tourist bureaus, editors, and publishers.

Riverhouse on the Deschutes, Bend Oregon
First draft of my 30-Day Pacific NW BackRoad Drive route.

On the road, heading north

From there, I’ll go to Mt Hood Territory, Tualatin Valley, Portland, Vancouver WA, Tacoma, Seattle, Whistler, Vancouver BC, Tofino, and Victoria. Other stops are being considered. I’ll keep you posted as I add new destinations.

This is Patty, but it’s not in the Pacific NW. I bet you guessed that.
It’s Santa Maria Valley , one of the vast vegetable bowls of Central California.

For this trip, I’m driving my Honda Civic, Patty (see my little road warrior above). I’ll be solo most of the time, but I do have visits with friends planned here and there.

Fairmont Waterfront, Vancouver BC. I intend to sip the sun down here, at least one evening.

I’m thrilled to be staying at the Fairmont Waterfront in Vancouver BC for four nights. Vancouver is an exciting city bordered by water on the west with forest and mountains to the east. This magnificent hotel has an apiary. I can’t wait to meet the bees. The Arc Bar serves Bridge Brewing- Rooftop Buzz, Honey Kolsch. It’s brewed with honey from Fairmont Waterfront rooftop apiary. – I can’t wait to give it a try. They also serve an Earl Grey+Honey Old Fashioned that has my name all over it.

There are lots of details to be organized, but I love the planning. I was the trip planner for my Nomadic mother. She taught me to read maps. “Thank you mom, it comes in handy.”

I still start all trips with a map. Now days it’s a lovely digital version that has tons of information. I mentally travel to places I see along my route. I noticed a place called Castle Crags near my first stop over. I’ll definitely be checking it out.

More details next month.

Thanks for stopping by, MaryGo

Folks Helping Me Plan My Trip

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Transport – Patty, my Honda ~

~ Play Jo-Anne ~

Housing – Glamping Hub | McMenamins, Old St Francis School | Riverhouse on the Deschutes | Fairmont Waterfront Vancouver ~

Travel Insurance – Allianz ~

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  1. Not that is a true road trip. A driving one. Sounds exciting. My husband and I will be taking a cross country Amtrak vacation in May. I am a long way from working out the details.

  2. Phyl Doppelt says:


    I look forward to following you on this trip – and see you are using the Honda.



  3. fswolfe says:

    Sounds like a fascinating road trip. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures with Patty!

  4. As I’m looking at the map, I see so many places I want to go. I’m researching like crazy. 🙂

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