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...10 things I love about Avila Beach

Avila Beach is a small but lively beach community on California’s Central Coast. Tucked into the crook of a fish-hook shaped cove, the seaside village has balmy weather most of the year. It’s the ideal combination of sandy beaches to the west and hilly woodlands to the east.

A weekend here can be active or simply R&R. There’s plenty to do, see, eat, and drink.

You can

Avila Village Inn - Avila California. Photo by Charlebois.
Avila Village Inn – Avila California.
Photo by Charlebois.

1 – Stay in a village

Avila Village Inn is tucked away in the woodlands, only six minutes from the beach. Make this lodge-like hotel your basecamp for the weekend. Spa rooms, private balconies with hot tubs, wet bars, and fireplaces are just a few of the amenities. The coffee bar and wine tasting bar are a favorite gathering spot.

When you book direct, you have unlimited access to the athletic club and spa. It’s only 50’ from the hotel. Workout, reserve a court, take a dip or pamper with a spa treatment.

Avila Beach California. Photo by Charlebois
Avila Beach California.
Photo by Charlebois

2-Build a sand castle

Play at the beach. Avila Beach is a deep sand crescent. Jetties and piers jut out into the bay. A lifeguard is on duty, and swings and slides are fun for everyone.

Fish from one of the piers, you don’t need a fishing license, and you can rent poles and buy bait at the docks.

Avila Beach California. Photo by Charlebois.
Avila Beach California.
Photo by Charlebois

3-Walk the streets

Across the street from the beach, shops, cafes, bistros, and bars line-up. Most eateries have outdoor seating perfect for a rest from your bike ride, sunset, or people watching.

Artifacts from the DeMille movie, "Ten Commandments," filmed in the dunes. Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes Center, Guadalupe, California. Photo by Charlebois
Artifact from the DeMille movie, “Ten Commandments,” filmed in the dunes. Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes Center, Guadalupe, California. Photo by Charlebois

4 – Explore a movie set

Visit the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes Center. It’s hard to imagine that Guadalupe California was once the location for a Hollywood blockbuster. This sleepy little town is the Gateway to the Dunes.

Nipomo Dunes Center tells all about the movie set from the Ten Commandments and the ecology of the dunes. After a visit there choose one of the trails and take a dune walk.

Monarch Butterfly.
Monarch Butterfly.

5-Commune with butterflies

…at Monarch Butterflies Dunes Habitat. From November through February, migrating Monarchs use the dunes and eucalyptus groves for R&R from their winter trip to Mexico. It is a natural spectacle that will delight everyone.

Even when butterflies have left the area, hiking here is easy-going and covers diverse landscapes. It includes woodlands, sand dunes, and beaches. The hiking trails are part of the California Coastal Trail.

6-Get ready to scrub…

… at The Luffa Farm. Tours are free and informative. Hop-house gardens of the vegetable related to cucumbers are not what you might expect.

Arroyo Grande California. Photo by Charlebois
Arroyo Grande California.
Photo by Charlebois

7-Make it a grande

Visit downtown, Arroyo Grande. Part old school, part new school, stroll around Main Street Arroyo Grande for wine tasting, eateries featuring locally sourced food, and shopping.

8-Peddle around…

…Avila and the Bob Jones Bike Trail. Bike rentals are available through the Avila Village Inn. Take a bike to the beach or just wander the backroads. The inn can help you with trail maps.

9-Pick up a picnic…

… at Woodstone Marketplace Deli in Avila Village. A 5-minute walk from the hotel you will find everything you like for a picnic. It’s also a nice place for a meal.

Blue Moon Over Avila, Avila Beach California.
Blue Moon Over Avila, Avila Beach California.

10-Visit France…

…at Blue Moon Over Avila. This French bistro is a don’t miss eatery. The food, service, and ambiance are exceptional. Seating is available outside on the patio, inside at tables or the bar. Everything is fresh and beautifully prepared. You can’t go wrong with the catch of the day. Chances are it was still swimming that morning.

Getting there

Avila Beach is located just of Hwy 101, about 11-miles south of San Luis Obispo. A car is recommended. San Luis Obispo Airport has excellent service to and from major California cities. Most car rental companies offer autos.

To learn more about Avila Beach and the area click HERE. Avila Beach is a lovely little community with lots to fill your long weekend. Don’t forget the sunscreen.

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  1. Phyl Doppelt says:

    It looks amazing – real old word California. I am forwarding it to friends who will be visiting from Atlanta. Better than any guidebook.

    1. Thank you Phyl. I hope they make it there, it’s a great area.

  2. enakurt says:

    This was a good read and love your photos. I didn’t know of this beach area and will be sure to check it out when I can finally fly to San Luis Obispo once Covid has subsided.

    1. Thanks, Kurt. Avalia Beach is a very cool beach town.

    2. Kurt you will love it. There are some exceptional restaurants there. I think you would like Blue Moon Over Avila – classic French done well – bistro atmosphere and indoor or outdoor seating across the street from the beach. Great staff.

  3. Yolanda says:

    Hello, i’m in sunny Arizona, we take a month’s vacation to our favorite spots and we love Avila. The whales love it there too. We have been on the beach when they have put on a show. Love Mersea”s, I believe they have the best clam chowder. The nearby cities are awesome and beaches as well. Love the weather, markets on beach, food, and community. Love the live music on beach. Thank you for the pictures and reminders.

    1. Yolanda, thank you for reading and watching my Avila Beach post. It is a lovely little town. I could sit at a sidewalk cafe and watch the sunset each evening.
      I’ll try the chowder at Mersea’s next time I’m there. –MaryGo

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