Beds in England

Beds, beds, beds. I slept around in England.

A 30-day road trip in England had me on the move. I stayed in twenty-two hotels, B&Bs, and cottages. I was privileged to stay in some of Britain’s finest lodging.

Whether in London or far-flung Shropshire, I slept around in England.

Here are a few of my favorites. Click on the bed to see a larger image.

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  1. Phyl Doppelt says:


    You did stay in some fabulous places – and I believe you are a through and through Anglophile. I look forward to the stories.

    Phyl. >

    1. Thanks Phyl. I was very fortunate to have stayed at lovely places with wonderful hosts. I’m a lucky and grateful girl, and definately an Anglophile. 🙂

  2. fswolfe says:

    Why am I feeling sleepy? Lovely shots.

    1. Maybe I should become a bed tester.

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