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Mary Charlebois - Photographer

My mother called me Mary Go. I was always eager to depart. Rattle the car keys, put on your coat, mention a destination – I was by the door ready and waiting.

My passion for travel still qualifies me for the name Mary Go. MaryGo, my website, is my way of sharing experiences past, present, future, local and far. I hope it inspires others to travel no matter what their circumstances in life. I also hope my work will be seen by those that like my skills, style and audience and offer me assignments – in other words – get some paid work.

I live on the wild, remote northern California coast. My small town, Fort Bragg, California, is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The climate is also perfect. A 62° mean temperature makes life pretty comfortable. Capturing this paradise in words and images could be a lifetime job.

I started traveling, photographing and writing before I was 10. Travel was just what we did when I was a child. We moved a lot, we visited a lot, we wandered a lot. A Brownie camera was a birthday gift one faithful year. When I could get and develop film, I used it. Some of those early photos have survived. Writing was an activity suggested to me while I recovered from Rheumatic Fever. Later writing helped me escape into my own world where I could be anywhere, anyone and do anything. The videos came along much later – let us just say I was well over 50 when I got that first digital video camera. I take pleasure in recording, but editing is my real obsession.

I’ve been fortunate to have had a wide variety of jobs and several careers. My last official job was in the commercial publishing world evangelizing the digital age. That is where one of my lifetime dreams came true – a job where I could travel. While business travel often lets you see nothing more than airports, hotels and meeting rooms, I did manage to sneak in some personal time here and there around the world.

Today I believe that travel destinations can be 1000’s of miles away or within your own yard – it just takes the right state of mind to see it as a journey.

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