Tropics of Cornwall ~ re-do

I’m honored GoNOMAD choose this story for a newsletter video feature using my words and many of my photos.

From My Garden

I guess this Lady Bug isn’t ripe yet… Someone told me this is a Potato Bug. Can you identify this beautiful green creature?

True Blue

Borage sports one of the few true-blue flowers in the garden. The vivid star-shaped blooms are plentiful, long lasting and taste like cucumber.   I planted Borage in a 10 gallon glazed clay container last year. It prospered in a partial shade spot by the laundry room door. The herb was prolific, providing a remarkable amount of leaves…

The Garden Nurse

  I wasn’t actually walking in my garden when I saw the Comfrey. I was making my way to the laundry room. Diminutive fuchsia and pink conical blooms were pushing their way from under the center of the plant. The flower’s color stood out brazenly against the green veined leaves. They signaled me to come…