Queen of the Nile – A Tale of Two Trips

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Standing on the floating dock I realized this photo session would be a challenge. Things were already bobbing up and down and I wasn’t in a boat yet… TRIP ONE – Rowing with Dusty Standing on a floating dock in Dolphin Isle Marina , I realized immediately this photo session would be…

Poppies & Bees

Originally posted on MaryGo:
One of my favorite places to GO is my garden just outside my front door. I hope you enjoy this tranquil garden moment. It’s only a minute, but represents 2.5 hours among California Poppies and coastal honey bees. Time lapse is so much fun. Dedicated to my Poppy, Nicole. http://youtu.be/wPMk4lCECuY

Hello World – Let’s GO!!

My mother called me Mary Go. I was always eager to depart. Rattle the car keys, put on your coat, mention a destination – I was by the door ready and waiting. My passion for travel still qualifies me for the name MaryGo. This website is my way of sharing my experiences past, present, future, local…