My First Glamp-out on the Sonoma Serengeti

The sun had set. Bird calls, monkey howls, and flamingo chatter grew less frequent. Before closing the tent flaps, I sat on my deck cuddled in a blanket. Through the trees and brush, I could see an amber glow from other tents perched on tall platforms scattered about in the woodlands and beside the lake.

Occasionally gravel would crunch under someone’s feet on the road below. Guinea Fowl were rustling under my deck. Their loud noise caused me to alarm with each call. I began to laugh at myself for being so easily spooked.

Sonoma Counties’ family friendly Safari West is a wildlife preserve, promoting conservation, education, and breeding programs for endangered African Wildlife. The animals cared for and bred there were beautiful. I took hundreds of photos.

Tours in double-decker jeeps offer sightings of giraffe, zebra, gazelle, rhino, antelope, monkeys, cheetahs, and thousands of exotic birds. The Rhinos and Winos Tour includes an al fresco Sonoma County wine and cheese tasting in a spectacular setting overlooking woodlands and valleys.

The glamping tents are imported from Botswana. All have private viewing decks, en-suite bathrooms, hardwood floors, luxurious bedding, heaters, and heated blankets.

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  1. fswolfe says:

    What a spectacular place! What a spectacular story! Wishing I was there, listening to the guinea fowl…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We must plan a reunion there next spring. 🙂


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