30-Days in Malta—Chapter 3

The Maltese are great cooks and renowned chefs. In the center of the Mediterranean, the best ingredients in the world are at Malta’s doorstep. Seafood from the Mediterranean Sea, fruit, veg and spices from Morocco, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, and the Middle East.

30-Days in Malta – Chapter 2

The Maltese Islands are known for their celebrations. There are numerous festivals throughout the year. Feast days, harvest festivals fireworks festivals, music festivals, art festivals, village festas, regattas, and many more.

Share Our Coast

We love to share our coast, especially in Fort Bragg California. Come visit the Mendocino Coast. Thanks for stopping by, MaryGo

The Walls Have Art

Everywhere you look – walls, doors, windows, fences, signs, electric panels, gas meters – everywhere, there is art. A September 2015 outing to the Santa Fe Art District, Denver Colorado, revealed a feast of art for my eyes and camera. Everywhere I looked there was art, especially the walls. Alleys, fences, doors and buildings are…

Yodeling Woman Trapped Under Street Grates With Chickens And Gorilla

They jump up, then look down. Jump up, look down. The most common of fixtures captures the attention of a small boy in fluorescent orange shorts, a stylish hipster couple holding hands, a baby boomer pair with cameras. They bend over to listen. They stomp their feet. They pass over or stand on one of…