Libations anyone?

Yes, I have become one of those people, … … you know, the type that photographs everything they eat and drink; but I have a good excuse, “it’s my job.” Being a freelance travel journalist and photographer is the best gig ever. It may not pay so well, but the perks are delightful.Enjoy these “my job…

30-Days in Malta: Chapter 6

The Maltese love a good party. It seems there is a celebration or festival of some kind almost every week of the year.

California Land Cruise

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Wine Country – Napa Alternatives

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30 Days in Malta: Chapter 5

Malta has no rivers, lakes, or reservoirs. Water comes from the ocean, rain, or limited groundwater. Most potable water is desalinated sea water.

Yodeling Woman Trapped Under Street Grates With Chickens And Gorilla

They jump up, then look down. Jump up, look down. The most common of fixtures captures the attention of a small boy in fluorescent orange shorts, a stylish hipster couple holding hands, a baby boomer pair with cameras. They bend over to listen. They stomp their feet. They pass over or stand on one of…