Tropics of Cornwall ~ re-do

I’m honored GoNOMAD choose this story for a newsletter video feature using my words and many of my photos.

Thank you, we made it!

“We published hundreds of stories….from all over…and your story rose to the top of the heap!”
–Max Hartshorne, Editor, GoNOMAD

Welcome to MendoLand…

California is falling into the ocean and has been, for thousands of years. There is a remote and wild place where you can see every stage of the geologic process happening. It’s an area so dynamic, yet so fragile; it’s protected in perpetuity as a national monument.

In Case You Missed it…

I spent a week on the backroads in my rented car. I surveyed the desolate Bodmin Moor on the interior and fell in love with water worlds on both Cornish coasts.

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