Beds in England

Whether in London or far-flung Shropshire, I slept around in England.

England Story #20 Published

It’s been almost a year since I went to England for 30-days in 2018. I’ve been lucky enough to have 20 articles published about my adventures.

Great Oregon road trip

My great Oregon road trip needs a list for my lists… I’m headed north on April 22, 2017. I’ll be driving to Oregon where I’ll spend five weeks roaming and wandering, getting to know the people and places that call my neighboring state home. My solo trip will take me to a writer’s conference in Salem,…

10 Surprising things to do on the Mendocino Coast

Over 100-miles of coastline form the west side of Mendocino County. Most is remote, skirted by CA Hwy 1 and inhabited only by Mother Nature. It’s said you come here for wildlife, waves, wilderness and wine and you return for the people. On the Mendocino coast, you’ll unplug, unwind and slow down. There’s lots to…

A Great American Road

ByWAYS Magazine just named Hwy 1 along California’s Mendocino Coast, a ‘Great American Road’.   Working on this story was a true labor of love. I worked on it for years without even knowing I’d be selected as its writer. I moved to this area in 2005. Since then I’ve spent untold hours photographing and…